Willl Charging Overnight hurt Cellphone Battery

May I ask: can cell phone charge be recharged all night?

The internet is rumored to be a bad battery for a cell phone all night long, and many people believe it is, but is it true? Or are these just Internet rumors? Look at the expert’s answer.

Recently, a battery expert in Canada has rejected the idea of charging batteries for mobile phones all night long, saying that electronic supplies, including smartphones, that use lithium batteries will automatically power off the battery when it is full of electricity and will not damage the battery. Instead, the battery life is shortened only when it is recharged with a household dry battery.

And charger expert Hollington said that the iphone generally does not overcharge, even if the 90% power of the iphone charge, also will not damage the battery. He explained that lithium battery “charging cycle” although limited, but a local charge will only be proportional to the “charging cycle.” If you charge at 90% charge, only 10% of the charge cycle will be used.

The following is our company’s charger engineers to explain the common four major misunderstanding of charging!

First: Wrong use charger

If you use the iphone’s plug to charge the ipad, you will find that it is not generally slow! If the use of high-power plugs to small power plug cell phone charge, speed will be a lot faster! Therefore, when charging the best choice of original charger!

Second: Mixed use of the charging line

The charge line is also the same, the best choice of the original charge line, but also in a few long like the charge line to do a good mark, in order to avoid mixing, out, we will choose to charge treasure, like casually take the root of the relatively short line to go out, if the charge line is good big manufacturers, or there will be a great security risks!

Third: Mobile phone charge too many times

There is a saying: each cell phone battery has a fixed number of charges, if the number of charges too much, will speed up the battery aging strain! This practice is actually only nickel battery practice, lithium battery is not the same, frequent charge in fact, a little benefit to the battery! When the phone is low, the battery should start charging in time.

IV: Mobile phone side of the charge while playing

If the conditions allow, it is best to charge the shutdown, which is the best for the battery maintenance. Side of the battery to play mobile phone, in addition to damage cell phone batteries, but also harmful to the human body!

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