Why Wireless Charging is not Boomming

Two years ago, Starbucks in the United States and the British McDonald’s each found a company to try wireless charging. Starbucks is working with Powermat companies, while McDonald’s is aircharge to provide the services. However, the number of manufacturers has not exploded, and there have been few follow-up.

There are many reasons behind this, in addition to the wireless charging technology itself is not in place, unable to provide users with a good experience, there is no sufficient number of charging sites, can not let consumers feel where to use the convenience is also an important reason. And for the business, in the end why the store will not be willing to provide wireless charging services in the shop, roughly can be categorized into these four reasons: cost, management, design and benefits.

Shortage of wireless charging services provided by the store

1. Cost
Providing wireless charging services in a store is much more difficult than providing WiFi. The former only has a WiFi router on the counter, but that’s not the case. Now the wireless charge is the same as the one above the Starbucks, the phone must be placed on the charger, and the charger is likely to be buried in the table. Then, without seeing enough demand, the store is likely unwilling to pay for the charger and the cost of desktop construction.

2. Management
Wireless charger is installed in the table, if it is broken no one can know? The wireless charger itself does not have any external display interface (not to mention still in the table), has not broken only then to know. If there is a shop installed 20 chargers, the store probably can not often to confirm whether all the Chargers are working properly, so only when the complaint is received by the shopkeeper will know that the charger is broken. (and then they are all embedded in the table, maintenance is certainly also a nuisance) in addition, the store may also want to know these chargers installed in the end there is no one to use? How many hours a day? How many people use it? In the end is a lot of people use so many sets, or no one to simply remove it.

3. Design
As mentioned earlier, the installation of chargers may have to be on the shop furniture construction, then the construction quality is very important. Especially for many people who care about the style and texture of the shop, can guarantee the proper integration of these chargers without apparent abrupt, is absolutely necessary to consider.

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