The World’s Thinnest Charger ! Kado is Coming

Whether it is a functional mobile phone like Nokia, or smartphones like iPhone, the cellphone manufacturers are moving in a more and more frivolous fashion, but Our every-day-use charger seems do not have this tendency, but to add more efficient fast charge. There are always so many people in the world who pursue the ultimate, so they have kado this world’s thinnest charger.

Kado charger Using card-type design, thickness of only 5mm, compared to the current charger is said to be “big success”, weight is only 21g, support the mainstream of the Lightning, microUSB and USB type-c three kinds of interface.

Unfortunately, the maximum charging power is only 5V/2.1A, that is, ten. 5W, compared to the current QC, PEP and other fast charger still have a gap, but in such a volume has been very good results.

At present, Kado on the Kickstarter, the early bird price of $39, is expected to sell for $59-69 later, will start to ship at the end of the year, have to say that the charger is still sold very expensive.

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