Future Phones may No Longer need Battery Charger

American scientists have developed a new wireless charging system that does not require built-in high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, but only a single solar cell, which absorbs energy from Wi-Fi signals and ambient light.

In the future, your phone may really no longer need to recharge and how long you want to use it.

Let’s see, this is the latest experiment from the University of Washington–a mobile phones that don’t need to be recharged.

Although the prototype phone looks like a circuit board, it actually can call, integrate the complete GSM chip, and 3.5mm headphone connector. What’s unique about it is that a solar cell with a grain size of rice, just 3.5 mw, can absorb ambient light and wireless signals at any time, turning it into the power needed for a cell phone.

The developer used the phone to make a successful call to Skype, and the call worked well. In the future, it is expected to add electronic ink screen, video streaming and other functions, so that the circuit board looks more like a real cell phone.

“You can imagine in the future, as long as there is Wi-Fi place can give your mobile phone power”, developers Vamsi Tall said, although the technology is still in the early stages of research and development, but I believe that many friends and I want to live in a world where no longer need to find power sockets, with rechargeable treasure.

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