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Precautions for mobile phone charging

In recent years, more and more families caught fire while charging their cellphones in the night, especially many families suffered a lot from the fire or even explosion of balance scooter charging , and for our daily use of mobile phones, we have to pay attention to the following, hope it will be useful for […]

Samsung Charger Explosion Once More

Samsung Charger Explosion Once More: NO, that’s samsnug. Samsung Note 7 bombing has been a scary thing, but if you use a copycats charger, then the problem is probably on the charger. Recently, some people said that their Samsung charger exploded suddenly at night , the charger’s back cover hit the face directly , but […]

The World’s Thinnest Charger ! Kado is Coming

Whether it is a functional mobile phone like Nokia, or smartphones like iPhone, the cellphone manufacturers are moving in a more and more frivolous fashion, but Our every-day-use charger seems do not have this tendency, but to add more efficient fast charge. There are always so many people in the world who pursue the ultimate, […]

Future Phones may No Longer need Battery Charger

American scientists have developed a new wireless charging system that does not require built-in high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, but only a single solar cell, which absorbs energy from Wi-Fi signals and ambient light. In the future, your phone may really no longer need to recharge and how long you want to use it. Let’s see, this […]

Why Wireless Charging is not Boomming

Two years ago, Starbucks in the United States and the British McDonald’s each found a company to try wireless charging. Starbucks is working with Powermat companies, while McDonald’s is aircharge to provide the services. However, the number of manufacturers has not exploded, and there have been few follow-up. There are many reasons behind this, in […]

Willl Charging Overnight hurt Cellphone Battery

May I ask: can cell phone charge be recharged all night? The internet is rumored to be a bad battery for a cell phone all night long, and many people believe it is, but is it true? Or are these just Internet rumors? Look at the expert’s answer. Recently, a battery expert in Canada has […]