With the development of e-commerce, more and more emerging charger brand appeared in front of us, many users in the hearts of common problems: what kind of charger should I buy for my electronic devices ?

Apple’s official website wrote an article entitled “Finding the Right Power Adapter and Power Cord for Mac Laptops”, which states: “You should use an appropriate power adapter for use with your Mac laptop. The compatible adapter does not have any problems, but it does not make the computer charge faster, nor does it make the way it works, and the lower  watt power adapter can not provide enough power.

In general, this article can basically solve the use of doubt for many Apple users , but some users will ask,   can I charge iphone with mac adapters? Will it make my phone got fire?

At present, the power adapter of the Mac notebook has 29W, 45W, 60W, 61W, 85W, 87W six power specifications, and the Apple mobile phone comes standard with the charger power is the same year the 5V / 1A 5W, if it is necessary to put two The value is far from the things stabbed together, think really do some fear.

Then fit the Mac laptop’s high-power charger in the end can give Apple phone charge? How much will the charging power be? We did some related tests for this.

I found the current Apple original power of the 87W power adapter, POWER-Z FL001 USB table, Apple’s original USB Type-C to lightning data cable and Microsoft C to C line.

After the author found that Mac laptop 87W power adapter can give Apple phone and Android phone normal power supply, and use this adapter to Apple mobile phone charging, the power will be larger than the original charger, charging speed will be accelerated.

Of course, this is because some Apple phones themselves support Apple 2.4A this charging protocol, and Mac notebook all models of power adapters are also backward compatible with Apple 2.4A charging protocol.

So in this way the charge of the phone itself is not damaged, and for the test of Andrews mobile phone, because each use of the charging protocol is different, and the charger can not correctly identify the charging power can not achieve the original charger effect.

In short, if you are an apple fan, or about to start Apple equipment, in the charger compatibility on this issue do not have to worry about, that is, Apple equipment and accessories can poke each other.